Mainstream media has lagged behind regarding the latest trends in internet culture such as memes. As a consequence, a substantial element for addressing the spread of misinformation has been forsaken. Given their communicative power and viral nature, memes play a crucial role in amplifying the information disorder. Our platform tackles the problem by making it easier to extract data from a meme, thanks to Optical Character Recognition. It automates the process of looking for existing fact-checking or contextual information thanks to artificial intelligence, validated by user feedback

The MemeCheck project have received backing by the Google Digital News Initiative and is currently under development. MemeCheck combines cutting edge AI API’s with our proprietary data text analytics algorithms to perform contextual analysis on text-heavy images.

To do so, we will use a combination of Machine Learning techniques with the development of new algorithms and paradigms that will allow us to define the trustworthiness of a Meme, initially, and any query afterwards, and ultimately offer the user contextual information to help them decide if the contents are reliable.


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